Comms: Literature
Your literature is your shop window and is often the first thing a potential customer sees. It is therefore critical that your literature presents your products and services in a professional manner that is in keeping with your brand identity.
The look, feel and tone of the content for all collateral should reflect the brand values and echo your advertising, PR campaigns and web site and so reinforce the message to your customers.
The writing, design and production of brochures, newsletters, direct mailers, leaflets etc. is very time consuming and needs not only fact but a mix of information, sales message and creative spark.
All communications must be fully integrated with your whole marketing programme.
New Literature
When looking at new collateral, there are many areas to consider;


How will the material be used

Who are the intended audiences

Messages and USP's

Content is requirement

Competitive position

Ensure that new material fits with longer-term strategy and brand development
M+ will manage the production to ensure:

Copy is customer-focussed

The material is visually unique and distinctive

Graphics enhance the content

Strong and catchy headlines

Imagery and photography matches objectives

Typography and design for maximum impact

Call to action: Response is encouraged through incentive and reply devices
Business Development
Market and systems review with planning & implementation
Communications & Collateral
Full marketing services support including: PR, Literature, Direct Mail, Advertising, Web Site and Brand Development
Event Management
Exhibitions, sales conferences, customer events with full pre and post show management and evaluation
Implementation Management
Out-sourced senior marketing management for on-going development and implementation of your marketing programmes