Event: Event Management
Events present an opportunity to communicate your companyís latest products & initiatives, build the team and gain new business. However they can be viewed as an expensive necessity often accompanied by the phrase "we canít afford to not be there", or "we have to do something".
All events should have an objective and an ROI target. Only by understanding the reasons for attending an event and making sure that your target audiences understand what it is you are offering will it work effectively as a marketing tool. This is where many companies fall down; all of the resources go into the physical event and not the planning, promotion and follow up.
Fact: Over 70% of exhibition enquiries are never followed up.
Market Plus can get your exhibition programme working for you, rather than you working for it, by managing the process, setting the systems in place and creating the promotion to maximise exposure and opportunities.
Running a wide range of events over many years give Market Plus the experience to ensure that you get the event you need with a budget developed and spent cost effectively, without falling into the many expensive traps that can cause large budget overruns.
Elements for Event Success
M+ has produced "Elements for Event Success" a 12 page guide covering everything from event and exhibition planning through to evaluation and review. A useful tool for business owners and senior managers looking to improve the ROI on their event budgets it covers the following areas
Pre-Event Planning

Event Objectives



Time Lines


The Event

On-site Build Up


Post Event

Follow Up


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Business Development
Market and systems review with planning & implementation
Communications & Collateral
Full marketing services support including: PR, Literature, Direct Mail, Advertising, Web Site and Brand Development
Event Management
Exhibitions, sales conferences, customer events with full pre and post show management and evaluation
Implementation Management
Out-sourced senior marketing management for on-going development and implementation of your marketing programmes