Comms: Corporate Branding
Successful brands are perceived as having an advantage or benefit, to the purchaser, over other competitive products or services. Creating a strong brand is a complex and long-term process.
As in all projects, it is essential that a detailed understanding of the background, key aims of the business, external environment and target audiences is required.
A Corporate or Product brand is much more than a symbol or logo:


Symbol / logo

Identifiers for sub-brands or products

Strap-line (words that capture the essence of the selling proposition that can be used with the logo or separately)

A statement or series of statements that summarises the positioning and benefits of the brand (the brand values)

Unique and distinctive design style, used consistently on literature, the web, packaging and other marketing materials

Formal guidelines for brand usage, including colour references, typefaces, measurements for position on pages

Tone of voice for all written communications
We manage the production with the following objectives:

The development process is driven by marketing - not just as a design exercise

Customers will see reasons for preferring your brand over competitors
Building brand equity is a long-term process involving a wide range of actions. For assistance in this area, please see our managed marketing service, M+ Team.
Business Development
Market and systems review with planning & implementation
Communications & Collateral
Full marketing services support including: PR, Literature, Direct Mail, Advertising, Web Site and Brand Development
Event Management
Exhibitions, sales conferences, customer events with full pre and post show management and evaluation
Implementation Management
Out-sourced senior marketing management for on-going development and implementation of your marketing programmes