Created by senior marketer Ashley Whitworth to meet the needs of the rapidly growing WA business market, M+ is different, because it is based on the experience of doing it for real and living by your actions. Importantly, having outsourced and worked with many agencies in many areas over many years, Ashley knows that communication and a clear remit are essential to success and believes all projects should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Agreed, Realistic, Time bound). In short, M+ is the sort of company that Ashley always wanted to work with and hopes that will make M+ the sort of company that you will want to work with.
Ashley is at the heart of the company and works with selected professionals to best meet your individual needs and ensure that money spent is on added value services not infrastructure.
Working within industry for over 15 years, Ashley has wide experience of roles from marketing manager in a large UK national machinery distributor, marketing director of one of the world's largest B2B exhibitions and most recently as head of marketing for a multinational distributor of Japanese printing equipment, which in addition to the normal mix of strategy, branding, communications, web strategies etc. included a remit for channel development and management in 100 countries, along with new product development at the Japanese headquarters.
Why Market Plus?

M+ know what you are looking for because we've been there and understand the issues.

M+ have experience of running marketing departments from SMEs to multinational companies. This includes product development, national and international channel building, PR, strategy, branding, web development, CRM system development, internal communications.

M+ understand the budget constraints of working with small and large companies and the need for cost effective programmes that deliver results.

M+ know that there is never enough time in house to do everything that needs to be done and keep it on target.
Business Development
Market and systems review with planning & implementation
Communications & Collateral
Full marketing services support including: PR, Literature, Direct Mail, Advertising, Web Site and Brand Development
Event Management
Exhibitions, sales conferences, customer events with full pre and post show management and evaluation
Implementation Management
Out-sourced senior marketing management for on-going development and implementation of your marketing programmes